Mesty Croft Primary

Believe and Achieve


Monday 1st February


Just Dance


RWI - o-e - o-e - red words - hold a sentence


Optional practice sound: - ee - ee



Naming and ordering the months of the year.


Independent Task

Create a paper chain with the months of the year on in order. Or create your own monthly calendar.



 Practice Gouache

Paint pieces of paper using Gouache (perhaps have outline of different sheaves underneath to be able to cut around later?)



Naomi Wilkinson performs this uplifting Super Mood Movers song about being happy and staying safe. After viewing, singing and dancing along, you could make finger puppets (from tubes of card, paper anything you have spare at home) of people in your life who helps you stay safe.


Independent Reading: Choose a book on Oxford Owl and answer the questions at the back.