Mesty Croft Primary

Believe and Achieve


Tuesday 2nd March


Cosmic Yoga – Wizard of Oz



RWI - oo (short) - oo (short) - red words - hold a sentence


Optional sound - aw - aw




Independent Task on Teams.



What can you find in the United Kingdom?

Complete the activities in your book.


Music – Disney


The first thing you need to do is warm up your voice.

Using the link below head over to BBC Teach and choose one of the videos which shows you how to warm-up your vocal cords.  


Find out the different between high and low pitch.  


Choose one of the songs from last week.

Discuss the singing – do they have a high-pitched voice or a low-pitched voice? Are they singing quietly, loudly, or a mixture of both?

Jot down your notes in your book. – Under the Sea, Little Mermaid – Oh I just can’t wait to be King, Lion King – I see the light, Tangled




Independent Reading:

Choose a book on Oxford Owl and answer the questions at the back.