Mesty Croft Primary

Believe and Achieve


Meet the Team

Our Staff from September 2023


Our Senior Leadership Team:

Executive Headteacher: Miss R Kohli

Headteacher: Mrs L Bray (Designated Safeguarding Lead/PREVENT)

Deputy Headteacher for Curriculum and KS1 Lead: Mr R Shaw (Deputy DSL)

Assistant Headteacher for Teaching & Learning, English and Lower KS2: Miss L Hayden

Assistant Headteacher for EYFS & SEND: Mrs S Aggarwal (Deputy DSL)

Maths and Upper KS2 Lead: Mr A Fellows


Chair of Governing Board: Mrs C Hodgkins

Vice Chair of Governing Board: Mrs A Patel-Sadler



Our Teaching Staff:

Year 6: Miss E Dukes and Mr Shaw/Miss Hayden

Year 5: Mr A Fellows and Miss J Staples

Year 4: Mrs L Fitzgerald and Miss M Whistance

Year 3: Miss Markham-Randall and Miss M Carroll-McArdle

Year 2: Miss J Lyne and Mrs T Green
Year 1: Mrs D Finch and Miss C Richards

Reception: Mrs S Aggarwal/Mrs J van Hoof and Miss H Aadnanes

Nursery: Mrs N Palmer

KS2 Teacher: Mrs C Gallagher


Our Support Staff:

Year 6: Mrs T Elks and Mrs J Turner & Mr J Preece

Year 5: Miss S Williamson, Mrs Whitehurst

Year 4: Mrs G Shaw and Mrs S Felton

Year 3: Mrs R Begum, Mrs K Binning, Mrs R Mansell, Miss D Kilpatrick & Miss A Jones

Year 2: Mrs J Guy, Mrs H Ore and Mrs D Hall

Year 1: Miss C Lloyd and Mrs N Chesterton

Reception: Miss L Jewkes, Miss R Doody, Mrs E Tipton & Mrs S Madeley

Nursery: Mrs R Evans and Mrs D Chawner




Our HLTAs:

EYFS: Miss L Jewkes

Key Stage 2: Mrs T Elks



Inclusion Manager: Mr B Lester

Speech, Language and Communication: Mrs L Marriott

Family Support Practitioner: Mrs D Dhanda (Deputy DSL)

Community Sports Apprentice: Mr C Tickle


Senior Officer Administrator: Mrs M Civil

Administrator: Mrs L Leadbeater


Our Site Team:

Site Manager: Mr P Morton

Cleaners: Mrs T Loynes, Miss L Doody & Vacancy


Our Lunchtime Supervisors and Servers:

Mrs A Davies, Miss L Doody, Miss R Doody, Mrs D Hall, Miss A Jones, Miss D Kilpatrick,

Mrs S Madeley, Miss E Tipton, Miss R Tipton, Mrs J Turner, Miss R Russell and Miss S Joyce

Dolce Serving Staff - TBC


Our Breakfast Club Attendants:

Mrs R Evans, Miss R Doody, Mrs S Madeley & Mr C Tickle