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At Mesty Croft Primary we believe that PSHE has a significant and valuable role to play in the ethos of our school and wellbeing of our children. The aim of our PSHE curriculum is to prepare children for the opportunities, experiences and responsibilities of life in our ever-changing society. We aim to give our children the knowledge and tools to grow and flourish into successful and healthy individuals. Our children deserve the opportunities to achieve their best and supporting their emotional and mental health plays a significant part in all aspects of their life, including achieving their academic potential.  We want our PSHE curriculum to improve the physical and psychosocial well-being of pupils and ensure pupils have the skills they need to grow up as healthy individuals who can make informed decisions about their lives.




At Mesty Croft Primary we adopt the SCARF approach. By following the six strands within the SCARF scheme at Mesty Croft Primary, we intend that PSHE will encompass the breadth of expectations outlined in National Curriculum and support the local and individual needs of our children.


Me and my relationships: Explores feelings and emotions, develops skills to manage conflict, help children to identify people who are special to them. We equip them with skills to recognise the qualities of healthy friendships and how to manage them.


Valuing difference: acknowledges the differences that we see in our local community and beyond while developing acceptance and appreciation for those differences that make us unique and interesting. We help children to develop respectful relationships with others, recognise bullying and, for older children, to understand their responsibilities as a bystander. This contributes to a school's work around British values.


Keeping myself safe: We cover safety aspects from statutory Relationships Education, including helping children to identify trusted adults in their lives, what to do when faced with a dilemma, and recognising appropriate and inappropriate touch.


Rights and responsibilities: Explores broader topics of including looking after the environment, economic education and the changing rights and responsibilities children have as they grow older.


Being my best: Focuses on keeping physically healthy, developing a growth mindset to develop resilience. We learn about setting goals and the steps needed to achieve our goals


Growing and changing: Physical and emotional changes that happen to children as they grow older, including changes at puberty and how to approach this with confidence. This is complemented with content reflecting our ever-evolving relationships with others.

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