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Speech and Language

What can I do to help my child’s language development?


  • Follow your child’s lead during play. Let him be ‘in charge’.


  • Keep your language short and simple. Match the level of your language to your child’s (i.e. If your child is using 2 word phrases (e.g. ‘teddy gone’), you do the same.


  • Use repetition so your child hears the same words over again.


  • Give a commentary about what your child is doing/looking at rather than asking questions. This will encourage your child to make comments.


  • Take turns to talk – give your child plenty of time to respond. Don’t worry if your child doesn’t say anything when it’s their turn. Sometimes children respond simply by giving you eye-contact or a gesture.


  • Give your child choices (e.g. ‘do you want milk or biscuit’?). If he chooses by pointing, give him what he wants but say the word for him to hear.


Useful websites: - A website full of fun ideas and activities to help your child’s speech, language and communication development. - This website has lots of resources including downloadable booklets on a wide range of speech, language and communication difficulties and short films about ways to help your child at different age. - Afasic is the UK charity representing children and young people with speech, language and communication.  The website has a range of information including simple advice sheets.

Please find below some resources and activities that you can use to support your child at home.