Mesty Croft Primary

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Monday 25th January

The ‘Remote Learning’ School Day for Reception - Monday

In order to keep the day as familiar as possible for children, we will be following the same timetable during each day of remote learning:


9.00 - 9.30: Registration

Please log onto teams and enter a live lesson with your teacher who will take the register. The daily timetable will then be shared with the children followed by ‘Dough Disco’. The children will require playdough for this activity, which we have provided in the home learning packs.


9.30 - 10:00 Physical Activity

Please see the link below. We appreciate that you may also want to go outdoors for your daily exercise.

Can you find 10 small household objects?

Space them out on the floor. Practise jumping over them in different ways.

How many different ways can you find to jump? Can you jump over them with 1 foot?


10:00 - 10:30 Morning break 


10:30 - 11:00: RWI

The following link will take you straight to the lesson. Once your child has watched the video, could you encourage your child to practise the new sound. 

Pre-recorded lesson Set 1 sound ‘b’

Learning to blend – lesson 6 


11:00 -11:30 Maths - Communication and Language

Play a listening and attention game. Place a number of items from the Goldilocks story on a tray and cover with a blanket – for example bowls, spoons, 3 different sizes of teddy bear.

Ask your child to guess how many are there, then double check by counting.

Remove one object. Which one has been removed?

Encourage the children to describe which one is the smallest/biggest, can they order the objects by size?


11:30– 12:00: Skills 


12:00– 1:00: Lunch


Afternoon Lesson 


1.00 -1.45: Literacy/PSED

Can you retell the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears?

What did Goldilocks do in the bear’s house?

What happened when the Bears came home?

Try using different voices for the different characters.

Discuss the choices and actions of the characters. For example, Goldilocks went into a stranger’s house. Was that a good idea? Why not? Should she have gone into someone’s house without their permission? Talk about the importance of saying sorry. Discuss how the bears felt/reacted to what Goldilocks did. Why? How would you feel? What do you think Goldilocks should say to the three Bears and why?

Note - On Thursday, we have planned for you to do a science experiment using gummy bears. Please use an alternative such as Haribo’s should you need to.


1:45-2.30– ‘Plan, Do, Review’ 

During this time we encourage the children to plan their own learning, they then carry out their task and we review their learning at the end of the session. (Child initiated learning)


2:30-3:00 - Reading Spine & Speaking and Listening Activities

Children will log onto Teams and enter a live lesson with their teacher who will read a story to them and reflect on their day.