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Year 5

Welcome to Year 5!


Hi Year 5,


Well, we are back at school and everybody is doing fantastically.

Just a reminder that, if any of you are self-isolating, there is work available for you in the remote learning section of the website. We can't wait to see what you create! 


We are always here for you and if there is ever anything you need: whether you want to show us the amazing things you've done, you need help with work or if there is something bothering or worrying you, just drop us an email:

Miss McArdle's class:

Mrs Fitzgerald's class:


Stay safe,


Miss M, Mrs F and Mrs B



Science - Life cycles

DT - Complex circuits

Art - Dame Rachael Whiteread

Mayday Festival

Art - sculpture

Science - Cleaning dirty water

Art- Paper Mache

Wellbeing day

Science - Mars Rovers

PSHE - dream spirals

Music - album covers

Art - Costume design

Music - Michael Jackson

Year 5 DT

Year 5 Music

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This week we performed a Raga called Chalan.

Anti-bullying week


Year 5 Skeletons

Year 5 Geography

Year 5 Science

Year 5 DT

Year 5 Art

Year 5 Music

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These week we have been influenced by Hans Zimmer and tried to create our own shimmering introductions!

Year 5 PSHE

Class 11 Music: Creating scary sounds for horror movies

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Warning: If this music sounds horrible and scary, it was meant to :)

sam and co.mp4

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Class 11 Science - Flower dissections (Lily and Rosie were not harmed during the making of this lesson! :) )

Class 11 - Science: Role-playing the life cycle of a Caterpillar

Class 11 - Easter Craft Fun

Class 12 Easter Craft Fun

Class 11 Free Choice Friday - Harry's animation

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Class 11 Free Choice Friday creations

Class 11 Science - separating mixtures and solutions

Class 11 World Book Day- Tom Gates' style story telling (and assorted costumes!)

History: Selling Edward I's Welsh castles!

Class 11 amazing work and free choice Friday activities 8th-12th February

Class 11 amazing work and free choice Friday 1st-5th February

Class 11's amazing class work and Free Choice Friday creations 25th-30th January

Class 11's amazing work - 18th- 22nd January

Class 12's Week 2 Free Choice Friday

Class 12's Week 2 WOW Work!

Class 11 amazing work and free choice Friday outcomes - Week 2

Class 11 Free Choice Friday and amazing work from week 1

Class 12's Week 1 Free Choice Friday

Class 12 WOW Work - wb 04.01.21

A Christmas Carol: Hotseating Scrooge- Rosie

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A Christmas Carol: Hotseating Scrooge- Amelia

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Science- parachute making

P.E- Wake up, shake up: getting active in the morning!

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Music: Singing a classic Indian song

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PHSE - Anti-Bullying Snakes and ladders

Sensational Scarecrows

We have celebrated Sandwell's big scarecrow festival by creating our very own key worker scarecrows.

Musical Maestros

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Made to measure!

Are Autumn born children generally taller than summer-born children. In our independent investigation, children set out to explore the answer to this tricky and interesting question. They measured, averaged and even graphed their results.

Interestingly we discovered...censored-top secret!

Journaling Genius!

Some fantastic and interesting examples of reading journaling!

Keep up the great work! 


Star of the week!

 This week, I've chosen somebody for reading journaling. Their work is full of interesting details,  it is very creative and it looks amazing (in fact, it's just like Mr Fellows 🙂 ) This person has also had a fantastic attitude since the very first day this year is brilliantly determined to improve; they're always asking what they could do next to make their work even better!

This week, it has gone to a girl...

This week, it has gone to... Leshea!

Myself and Mrs Shaw couldn't be more proud of her!

Keep up the amazing work,

Mr F and Mrs S

18.9.20 Digital safety

As part of our digital safety topic, we identified what we like to do with technology and ensured that we all knew who we could ask to help us in the event that we came across something uncomfortable online.

One School, One Book- The Tin Forest

This week, all across the school, we have been exploring the Tin Forest. This is the tale of a man who dreams to make his environment better. He follows his dream and turns trash into treasure. As creatures move in to this new metallic habitat, the Tin Forest comes to life!

One School: One Book -Class 12

One School, one book- Class 11

Year 5 2019-20

Home Learning Friday 18th September 2020

Home Learning Friday 11th September

Home Learning Friday 4th September

****    END OF YEAR    ****


As we approach the end of the year, we can take time over the next few days to reflect and remember our time together at the start of the year. Usually at this time, we would be saying goodbye and wishing you all the best of luck for next year. We will still be able to do this, just in a slightly different way this year! 


Due to being unable to post end of year gifts out with reports because of sizes, they will be available to collect from the office from Thursday. If they are uncollected, then they will be available when we return in September.


We hope you have a lovely Summer holiday and we can't wait to see you around school in September!


:) Miss Jones and Miss Dukes  

Online Lessons

If you would like to try some different challenges, Oak National Academy have started video lessons each week, across a broad range of subjects for every year group! Find more information in the link below:


BBC Bitesize are also providing online learning to support all year groups as well. Find more information in the link below:

Secondary School Applications (Cancelled April Meeting) 

Some information for parents/carers regarding Secondary School applications following the cancelled meeting from 21/04/20

If you have any pictures of your rainbows or clapping for the NHS then we'd love to see them and show them off here! Send them into our class e-mails and we can add them on :) 

NHS: T-Shirt Challenge


Care Package!

Year 5 First Week Back

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Your Isolation videos!

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Your Isolation videos!

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Our Isolation videos!

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Miss Dukes' Day!

Our Isolation videos!

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Seeing as we challenged you to create a video/vlog about your days at home; we decided to do it too! Check out Miss Jones' day....
Week 14 Home Learning
Thursday 16th July 2020
Wednesday 15th July 2020


Tuesday 14th July 2020



Monday 13th July 2020

Music Clip



Optional Challenge

Week 13 Home Learning

Week 13: Daily Tasks

Week 13: Additional Resources

Line Graphs

Week 12 Home Learning

Week 12: Daily Tasks

Week 12: Additional Resources

Area and Perimeter of a Compound Shape

The Area of Compound Shapes

Area of a Rectangle


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Week 11 Home Learning

Week 11: Daily Tasks

Calculate Perimeter (Compound Shape) - Key Stage 2 Maths Help

Week 10 Home Learning

Week 10: Daily Tasks

Regency Dance

Symphony No. 9 ~ Beethoven

Jaws Theme Song

Pyscho Theme

Halloween 1978 (main Theme)

Week 9 Home Learning

Week 9: Daily Tasks

Week 9: Additional Resources

The 4 King Georges Horrible Histories

Learn about the 4 King Georges!

Science: David Attenborough

Sir David Attenborough has warned that "human beings have overrun the world"...

Week 8 Home Learning

Week 8: Daily Tasks

Week 8: Additional Resources

Jurassic Park No Music -

Jurassic Park With Music -

Rocky No Music -

Rocky With Music -

Lion King - 

May Half Term Antics

Week 7 Home Learning

Week 7: Daily Tasks

Week 6 Home Learning

Week 6: Daily Tasks

VE Day 8th May 2020
The Imperial War Museum -
Week 5 Home Learning

Week 5: Daily Tasks

Week 5: Optional Challenges

Week 4 Home Learning

Week 4: Daily Tasks

Learn French : Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes

Week 4: Optional Challenges

Optional Challenge: Learn a card game

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Tia teaching us all how to play UNO!

Amy's Extra Science Experiment

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Amy decided to do something a little different and extra - and decided to make some popcorn kernels dance! What a super experiment! Check it out!
Edit: if you would like do this experiment at home then use baking soda/bicarbonate of soda to get this effect (not baking powder). 
Week 3 Home Learning