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Anti-Bullying Production 'Just Joshing'

Today we welcomed Firehorse Productions into school as they performed 'Just Joshing', an Anti-Bullying production to children in Years 2 to 6.

The performance was well-crafted and allowed our children to take a look at bullying from three different perspectives: the person being bullied, the bully and the bystander. The actors delivered a dynamic and informative performance, emphasising the anti-bullying message. There was a balance of humour and reflection and the 'stand up and speak out' mantra was repeated throughout.

The production introduced Josh, a usually friendly, upbeat, happy-go-lucky school child...that is until he meets his nemesis Jack, who seems intent on making his life a misery. We also meet Dotty, Jack's not so innocent sidekick and therefore bystander. The script goes on to explore the effects of bullying upon all involved. 

Cyber-bullying is also covered and the script promotes ways to combat this. 

With thought-provoking audience participation throughout, the characters continually confide in the audience and ultimately it is them who decide if what they have witnessed is bullying or as Jack uses in his defence 'Just Joshing'. 

Our children thoroughly enjoyed the production and it was interesting to see how much they grew to dislike Jack throughout the performance; they soon picked up that his comments and behaviour towards Josh were inappropriate. They felt sorry for Josh and recognised that Dotty wasn't helping.